Footprints on the James: Ready to make tracks!

Luke becomes one with kayak. Next "water".

Luke becomes one with kayak. Next “water”.

Bright and early @ 7am this morning the Footprints on the James team turned out (mostly on time!) to the VCU OAP HQs for a gear check and packing session. Everyone emptied out their gear on the floor for inspection and thumb’s up by VCU OAP trip leaders. Students had a chance to ask OAP leaders about gear selection choices and make final decisions on what goes and what stays. Not trival for a 4-week outdoor learning adventure involving camping, sea kayaking, hiking, canoeing, “batteauing” and rafting. Oh, and don’t forget your 450 page (2 lb) course reading pack and notebook! By 9am all the kayaks were packed and ready to be loaded. Next on the schedule this afternoon, students get to meet Ann Woodlief, and discuss her course inspiring book of essays  “In River Time: The Way of the James” and VCU English Department emeritus faculty! Then tomorrow bright and early we start paddling the tidewater section of the muddy James!

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